Masterclass: Cornelia Geppert


9/11 | MONDAY | 17:00 
open to public

The events are realized as part of DigiTelling, a gaming and citizenship project organized by Institut français de Croatie and Goethe-Institut Kroatien, supported by Franco-German Cultural Fund and Edu4Game.

Sea of Solitude is a game about struggling with inner monsters and overcoming loneliness. As a very personal project of the studio Jo-Mei and its creative director Cornelia Geppert, the game tackles issues of mental health. Sea of Solitude follows the premise “when humans get too lonely – they turn into monsters.” This is what happens to Kay, a young woman awaking in a stormy ocean. She embarks on a journey to find out what happened to her, encountering other monsters, who, like her, suffer from loneliness. The session is a look behind the curtain – who are these monsters? How did they come to be? And how did Jo-Mei approach the design based on each type of loneliness? Cornelia Geppert will describe the design and development process in depth and talk about the challenges they encountered during development, as a small team with big ambitions.


Cornelia Geppert is the creative head of Jo-Mei Games, responsible for all artistic aspects of the production. She is also in charge of the company development and PR. She graduated in game design from the Games Academy Berlin, after which she joined the production of Paraworld by SEK-Ost as a concept, character, and level artist. There she met Boris Munser with whom she continued to collaborate. They co-created successful game concepts for customers like Ubisoft and BMW. They co-founded Jo-Mei Games in 2009. She was the writer, game designer and art director on her latest project, Sea of Solitude, which went on to become wildly successful. It was published by the industry giant Electronic Arts.

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