Leave of Absence

  • Anton Sazonov
  • Russia
  • 2019
  • 12'
  • Otpusk

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Artyom works at the butcher’s shop and feels lost. He comes up with an unusual way out of his crisis. The film was shown at Sundance and won the award for best director at the Locarno Film Festival.

Subtitles: HR/EN

Anton Sazonov

Anton Sazonov (1989, Russia) obtained a degree in economics before he graduated from the Pro Arte School of Art Journalism. He also finished a directing course at the Moscow Film School, with his short film The Impasse (2017). He won the Pardi di Domani Best Direction Prize in Locarno for his second short, Leave of Absence (2019).

Leave of Absence

Anton Sazonov
Anton Sazonov
Andrius Darela, Alexander Zotov, Daria Rumyantseva, Ion Doze, Vyacheslav Gulivitsky
Aydar Sharipov
Vadim Crasnitsky, Anton Sazonov, Ilya Lyamshev
Mikhail Marizov, Ekaterina Telegina, Anton Sazonov, Vadim Byrkin, Anastasia Pelevina, Jelena Iljushenok
Spot Production, After Hours Films

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