The City That I Hate

  • Gabrijel Lazić
  • B&H
  • 2019
  • 20'
  • Grad koji mrzim

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Four foreigners are trying to find their happiness in Sarajevo – will they find it there or is happiness hidden somewhere else?

Subtitles: EN

Gabrijel Lazić

Born in Pula in 1995. In school he participated in drama sections and performed in children and dance shows. After high school, he enrolled into the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo at the department of multi-media directing where he is currently finishing his studies.

The City That I Hate

Gabrijel Lazić
Gabrijel Lazić
Alen Alilović
Emina Zubčević, Gabrijel Lazić
Gabrijel Lazić
Akademija scenskih umjetnosti Sarajevo, Al Jazeera Balkans

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