Too Far Away

  • Sarah Winkenstette
  • Germany
  • 2019
  • 88'
  • Zu weit weg

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11-year-old Ben and his family have to move to a nearby town because an open pit will soon swallow their village. Although he is looking forward to life in a big city, Ben is soon bitterly disappointed. His new classmates avoid him, and he does not know how to fit in. And he misses being the football star he was in his hometown. When he meets Tariq, a Syrian refugee, Ben considers him his rival, but they soon discover they have more in common than they thought.

Age: 8+
Subtitles: HR

Sarah Winkenstette

Sarah Winkenstette is a German screenwriter and director. She studied at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. She has won many awards for her short works and has long worked with a number of TV channels to create programs for children. Too Far Away (2019) is her feature debut.

Too Far Away

Sarah Winkenstette
Susanne Finken
Yoran Leicher, Sobhi Awad, Anna König, Andreas Nickl, Julia Hirt
Monika Plura
Nicole Kortlüke
Jonas Weydemann, Jakob D. Weydemann, Milena Klemke, Yvonne Wellie, Corinna Poetter, Martin Frühmorgen
Weydemann Bros., Orange Roughy Filmproduktion, Rotor Film, NDR Norddeutscher Rundfunk
Festivals & Awards
Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival 2019 – Teen Screen Award; Zurich Film Festival 2019 – Kids Jury Award; Chicago Int'l Children's Film Festival 2019; Zlín Film Festival 2019; Giffoni Film Festival 2019

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