‘My First Screenplay’ continues with project developments in the next six months

At the My First Screenplay workshop held during the 18th Zagreb Film Festival, it was decided all the chosen projects which were developed during the festival would continue working online with mentors Antonio Nuić and Ognjen Sviličić during the next six months.

Thus, the workshop became a kind of development “hub” for these six projects: 55 Sqm by Ivana Vuković, Dawn of the Dark by Nikica Zdunić, The Fourth Age by Javier Barber, Through by Antonis Tsistrakis, Scarab by Mladen Vujačić and Yugo Florida by Vladimir Tagić.

The workshop was held in cooperation with the Croatian Film Directors’ Guild and the educational platform MIDPOINT, while Antonio Nuić, Ognjen Sviličić and guest mentor David Pope worked with the participants.