The Industry program is dedicated to educational and practical content and this year it will present a number of workshops, lectures, panels and a pitching forum of student projects from the region. During the seven days of Industry, we’ll touch upon the important aspects of the production cycle – from script development, TV project preparation, co-production possibilities in videogames and product packaging. We will also hold a discussion panel about the possibility of institutional support for the audio-visual production and cinemas during the pandemic of COVID-19. The whole Industry program will be held online with the help of our partner, HUB-385.

At ZFF, the audience always expressed a need for additional film content, talks with authors, and special programs geared towards films professionals, young filmmakers, and everyone interested in different aspects of film production. Since 2012, Industry, as a separate program, gathers different content into a singular educational networking platform.

Schedule of all Industry events open to the public is available here.