Industry Youth! Pitching Forum

14/11 |  SATURDAY | 13:00
open to public

The Industry Youth! program will conclude with a pitching forum for student projects in which young screenwriters and directors will be given the opportunity to present their projects to an international panel of representatives from regional postproduction studios, while the best project will be rewarded with some of their services, as well as the ZFF cash prize of 1,000 euros for the production of the film. The pitching participants will have seven minutes for the presentation and seven minutes for Q&As.


Partners and awards
Poster – guidance, project development and three days of working in the studio on image post-production
Šesnić&Turković –  creation of the film poster
Zagreb Film Festival –  cash prize of 1,000 euros for production

Panel members

Tom Vujnović (Poster), Goran Turković (Šesnić&Turković), Ewa Bojanovska (New Europe Film Sales)

ADU Zagreb, Croatia

Bojan Radanović, Maja Gros


The year is 1991. Goran (11) wants an electric guitar. His father Nenad recently got fired from the police, so he and his wife Marina decide to stay temporarily at Nenad’s cousin in Belgrade. When Marina, under the pressure of her family, decides not to go, Goran is stuck between arguing parents.

AGRFT Ljubljana, Slovenia

Nika Otrin, Sara Polenc


From the outside, it seems like Matija and Mojca are leading a typical married life in their country house. The arrival of a stranger, a girl named Andrea, forces them to give up the life they had known up to that point. Andrea’s presence reveals the pain the couple experienced when their daughter passed away.

ASU Sarajevo, BiH

Isidora Ratković, Ines Radić


Anja (22) and her mother Marija (55) spend their time cooped up in their apartment due to the pandemic and total lockdown. Their relationship varies from heated arguments due to Marija’s alcoholism and rituals such as cutting and braiding each other’s hair. With New Year’s approaching, things escalate.

FDU Beograd, Serbia

David Jovanović, Janko Đorić


Seven-year-old Dule is growing up in a village which never seems green, nor the sky blue. Although villagers remember it as dusty, unattractive and empty, for Dule it is a playground full of secrets which evoke fear and curiosity. But something is off. It seems no wind can clear up the smoke from the nearby mine.

FDU Cetinje, Montenegro

Slaven Sošić, Miljan Vučelić


15-year-old Pavle is training in the park when a bomb explodes nearby. When the police uncovers the bomber’s licence plate, his carefree life changes. He thinks someone is following him. Worried for his family, Pavle must decide whether to change his statement while a game approaches that could launch his sports career.

FDU Skopje, North Macedonia

Ajdin Islami, Nikola Kimovski


Petar, a 35-year-old convict and a former extortionist who is doing time for assault and battery, is given a weekend off. He doesn’t tell anybody because he wants it to be a surprise. On the bus ride home he is excited to see his 5-year-old son. But when he gets home, he is the one surprised.