The Little Bird and the Bees

  • Lena von Döhren
  • Switzerland
  • 2020
  • 5'
  • Die kleine Vogel und die Bienen

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High above, a small bird enjoys its flowering maple tree. The sound of humming sends it on a journey into the magical world of flowers. A fiery red fox starts to chase the little bird. The encounter with the beehive results in a rather unpleasant surprise for the troublemaker.

Lena von Döhren

Lena von Döhren (1981) was born in Berlin, Germany. In 2007 she obtained a BA in Audiovisual Communication from Gerrit Rietveld Academie (Amsterdam, NL), and in 2011 an MA in Design from HSLU (Lucerne, CH).

The Little Bird and the Bees

Lena von Döhren
Lena von Döhren
Animation: Lena von Döhren
Fee Liechti
Jochen Ehmann, Ted Sieger, Gerd Gockell, Gabriela Bloch-Steinmann
Schattenkabinett, SRF

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