• Jure Pavlović
  • Croatia, Serbia, France, BiH
  • 2019.
  • 95'
  • Mater

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When her mother falls very ill, Jasna, a Croatian living in Germany, is forced to return to the place she has avoided for most of her life. The story about the relationship between a mother and daughter also serves as a portrait of small-town life, a place where well-intentioned people often do more harm than good. The anxieties of the seaside community gradually reveal class, status and gender tensions that shaped the characters of both mother and daughter – their stubbornness, strength but also their tragic flaws. Mater (Pula 2020 – Best Debut, Best Actress, Best Camera) is a debut by Jure Pavlović, whose short, Picnic (ZFF 2015 – special mention) received the prestigious European Film Award, also dubbed the “European Oscar”.

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Jure Pavlović

Jure Pavlović was born in 1985. His shorts Half an Hour for Grandma and Umbrella have screened at over 50 festivals, winning numerous awards. His third film, Picnic (premiered at Berlinale 2015), won multiple recognitions, including the prestigious European Film Award and the Grand Prix and Best Acting Award at Croatian Film Days.


Jure Pavlović
Jure Pavlović
Daria Lorenci-Flatz, Neva Rošić, Vera Zima, Anka Vučković, Marijo Jurković, Vinko Vuković, Marija Vrdoljak, Milivoj Barbir, Hrvoje Barbir Barba, Stephan Baumecker, Lili Jelinek, Till Patz
Jana Plećaš
Dragan Von Petrovic
Bojan Kanjera, Biljana Tutorov, Jure Pavlović, Quentin Laurent, Srđan Šarenac
Sekvenca, Wake Up Film & Video Production, Les Films de l'oeil sauvage, Udruženje Novi film
Festivals & Awards
Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2019; FilmFestival Cottbus 2020; Pula Film Festival 2020 – Best Debutant, Best Actress, Best Cinematography

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