The Days to Come

  • Carlos Marques-Marcet
  • Spain
  • 2019
  • 101'
  • Els Dies Que Vindran

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Vir and Lluís are only together for a year when they find out she’s pregnant. Even though they haven’t completely figured out living together without a child, they get nine months to become a family of three. As the turning point nears, they alternately deal with their fears, problems, and excitement over a new life that awaits them. The Days to Come is an authentic story about pregnancy and transformation of a relationship in which a camera follows the real pregnancy of the leading actors for nine months. The new film by Marques-Marceta (10,000 Km – ZFF 2015; Anchor and Hope – ZFF 2018) was shown in Rotterdam and San Sebastián, and it won Goya awards for best film, actress, and editing.

Subtitles: HR/EN

Carlos Marques-Marcet

Director and editor from Barcelona. Studied film and television at UCLA. His directorial debut 10,000 Km (ZFF 2015) won the Goya Award for Best Director. His second feature, Anchor and Hope (ZFF 2018) also deals with the transformation of a relationship while expecting a baby, but from a different perspective.

The Days to Come

Carlos Marques-Marcet
Clara Roquet, Coral Cruz, Carlos Marques-Marcet
David Verdaguer, Maria Rodríguez Soto
Álex García
Oscar de Gispert, Ana Pfaff, Carlos Marques-Marcet
Tono Folguera, Sergi Moreno, María Zamora
Lastor Media, Avalon P.C.
Festivals & Awards
Int'l Film Festival Rotterdam 2019; San Sebastián Int'l Film Festival 2019; Raindance Film Festival 2019; Gaudí Awards 2020 – Best Film, Best Leading Actress, Best Film Editing

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