• István Hevesi
  • Hungary, Croatia
  • 2020
  • 12'

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A couple at the end of their thirties head to a medical conference to a countryside hotel. As they travel through the landscape in their car, the woman spots a man slapping a girl at the side of the road. Her husband claims he has not seen anything. They stop to check what has happened.

Subtitles: HR/EN

István Hevesi

István Hevesi graduated in film studies in Budapest, after which he worked in various areas of the film industry: as assistant director on short and feature films, as well as editor, writer, and director for television series. Deer is his first short film since graduating. Filmography: Drying (graduation short, 2013), Deer (short, 2020).


István Hevesi
István Hevesi
Barna Bokor, Andrea Varga, David Yengibarian, Sára Törley-Havas
Gábor Ezra Tausz
Sándor Csortos Szabó, László Józsa, Rea Rajčić, Judit Romwalter
Budapest Film Productions, Speak Easy Project, Eclectica, Sparks

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