I Am Afraid to Forget Your Face

  • Sameh Alaa
  • Egypt, France, Qatar, Belgium
  • 2020
  • 15'

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After being separated for three months, Adam travels down a rough road to be reunited with his only love. He’ll do anything to succeed. I Am Afraid to Forget Your Face is the first Egyptian film selected into the short film competition in Cannes, where it went on to win the Palme d’Or. It was also screened at San Sebastián.

Subtitles: HR/EN

Sameh Alaa

Sameh Alaa (1987, Egypt) studied German literature at Cairo University. Before moving to Europe, he worked as an assistant director in advertisement and feature films. He holds an MA in filmmaking from the EICAR film school in Paris. Sameh is currently developing his first feature film.

I Am Afraid to Forget Your Face

Sameh Alaa
Sameh Alaa
Seif Hemeda, Nourhan Ahmed
Giorgos Valsamis
Yasser Azmy
Muhammad Taymour, Martin Jerome
Fig Leaf Studios

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