My Dad, the Clown

  • Sara Ristić
  • B&H
  • 2020
  • 24'
  • Moj tata, klovn

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Just like many parents, Sara’s are divorced. Unlike other fathers, Sara’s is a professional clown. After finding herself in a tough situation, Sara finally gets the chance to spend some time with him and meet the person behind the clown.

Subtitles: EN

Sara Ristić

She’s acted since childhood, but decided to move behind the camera. Short film Coming Home was shown at Punk Cinema Operation Kino 2012. 6 456, a short experimental film won first place at SFF Teen Action 2016. Patuljak was shown at Sarajevo Film Festival 2017. She’s finishing directing in Sarajevo.

My Dad, the Clown

Sara Ristić
Sara Ristić
Sara Ristić, Ernad Lokvančić
Sara Ristić, Almir Zoletić
Academy of Fine Arts Sarajevo

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