The Sign

  • Eleonora Veninova, Yona Rozenkier
  • B&H, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, North Macedonia, France
  • 2019
  • 10'

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Sara firmly disagrees with her granddaughter’s wedding plans. To convince her not to marry, she takes Andrea to her husband grave and begged him for a sign.

Subtitles: EN

Eleonora Veninova, Yona Rozenkier

Eleonora Veninova
Screenwriter and director. She is the co-creator/writer/director of the TV Series Prespav and a writer for several other Macedonian series. She is currently developing her own series at Serial Eyes program, as well as her first feature film.

Yona Rozenkier
Graduated from the Tel Aviv University. His debut feature, The Dive (2018) won two awards in Locarno. He is a co-writer of the series Kibbutznikim (2020-) for cable TV.

The Sign

Eleonora Veninova, Yona Rozenkier
Eleonora Veninova, Yona Rozenkier
Jelisaveta Seka Sablić, Andrea Aković, Igor Skvarica
Naum Doksevski
Una Gunjak
Ama Bakšić Čamo, Armin Hadžić, Dominique Wellinski
Obala Art Centar, DW

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