Why Is Mom Always Crying?

  • Karmen Obrdalj
  • B&H
  • 2019
  • 16'
  • Zašto mama vazda plače?

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The film follows Ena, who discovers her parents’ love letters which they sent each other while they were separated in the most hopeless place in the world — Bosnia and Herzegovina during the war. While travelling to her childhood town, “Pustograd”, Ena recalls loneliness, anxiety and the almost impossible love of her parents.

Subtitles: EN

Karmen Obrdalj

Director and screenwriter. She made six short feature films, one documentary and one music video. Her films were screened at festivals such ash Visions du Réel, Motovun Film Festival, Dukafest, etc. Why Is Mom Always Crying was awarded at the 2019 Mostar Film Festival.

Why Is Mom Always Crying?

Karmen Obrdalj
Karmen Obrdalj
Jana Vuković
Aleksandar Jurić
Predrag Solomun
Academy of Arts (Banja Luka)

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