• Neven Samardžić, Carolina Markowicz
  • B&H, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, North Macedonia, France
  • 2019
  • 11'

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Anka, 12, and Yelena, 38, have two common points: a mother at the hospital and a neighborhood grocery store where they spend their days, one inside, the other outside. One evening, an unexpected visit provokes an incident which both women will suffer from.

Subtitles: EN

Neven Samardžić, Carolina Markowicz

Neven Samardžić
He graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo. He has worked as an assistant director and director on the documentary series Hoću kući. His thesis film, Clean, won the Heart of Sarajevo for Best Student Film.

Carolina Markowicz
Screenwriter and director based in São Paulo, Brazil. Her short film The Orphan (2018) premiered at Director’s Fortnight in Cannes and was awarded the Queer Palm. It went on to screen at more than 100 festivals, winning many awards, including the Jury Special Mention at SXSW.


Neven Samardžić, Carolina Markowicz
Neven Samardžić, Carolina Markowicz
Jelena Kordić, Adela Petrović, Mero Beganović, Slaven Vidak, Sanela Krsmanović Bistrivoda, Lejla Pajić
Amel Djikoli
Saša Paševski
Ama Bakšić Čamo, Armin Hadžić, Dominique Wellinski
Obala Art Centar, DW

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